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About the trip and The itinerary

Posted on July 29, 2011

This trip is planned as my first solo travel since I want all the freedom I can get and you just can’t have that feeling with a travel partner. Also, I doubt any of my friends would be adventurous enough to go for that kind of trip anyways.

But by all means anyone is invited to join me for a part of this (or any other subsequent) trip. It’s not my intention to be stuck in solitude while traveling and I’d be happy to travel with someone for a certain period or just meet you for a drink at certain point. As you’ll see, I’ll visit not only filming locations from the movie but also tourist sights and some places off the beaten path as well.

Primarily, I’m here for the places from the movie but I’m planning to see some tourist sights like Shimla, Khajuraho or Darjeeling, ride a bike in the desert, scuba dive in Andaman Islands etc. Perhaps you’d like a sunny vacation, join me for a few days on Havelock Island or if you just want to see the most famous sights, accompany me while I’m in the Golden Triangle. If you’re a freak, maybe you’ll take Himsagar Express with me but expect to become a bit cuckoo after three and a half days on the same train. The last suggestion is that we go to Goa and visit a party or two because after all, you can’t miss

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This blog is made for easier planning of my trip to India which was inspired by Tarsem‘s movie The Fall¬†and will also be used for reports and experiences from it.

After seeing all the locations in the movie, I decided to try and visit them all. Since there is more than 16 countries that were used as filming locations, it meant that it’s gonna take some planning before I started the journey.

First thing I needed to do was pinpoint the exact locations, which proved to be more difficult than I initially thought it would be. A huge help was this blog created by a person going by the name alley. It had most of the locations with some that were wrong. I checked all the suggestions from the blog by using Google and its maps as well as some Tarsem interviews and found the exact places for about 95% of the filming locations. Unfortunately, there are still some of them that I just can’t figure out so if any of you scarce readers of my blog have any idea where those might be, please leave a comment at the appropriate post at this blog.

So, I’m not just going to write my itinerary here or write about the locations I’ll visit but I’m also going to write about random stuff that catches my eye while I’m planning the trip so you…

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